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About Gemcore

We are Gemcore.

Developing, Producing and marketing of  LED lighting technology. 


Founded un 2006, Gemcore is a high-tech enterprise specialized in LED high power package, developing, producing and marketing of LED lighting. The registered capital is USD8.5 million. Through years of development, relying on the ability of design and manufacturing in high quality and the core idea of Sci-Tech innovation, Gemcore has developed out three series of lighting products, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and commercial lighting.


Gemcore always insist on the concept of  ‘Gather the best and the brightest, Develop the Green Light’ from the day when it was established. It persist its development by Sci-Tech innovation and advanced technology and excellent quality in production to serve customer. Gemcore has independent R&D center and have many professional teams specialized in LED packaging technology, Hylology, Optics, Thermology and Electronics. Meanwhile, Gemcore established a JV company with EUROPOWER from UK and solved the key technical problems of LED driver efficiently.

  • Flexibility

    Gemcore manufacturing systems are adapted to current market needs and can manufacture different product lines in a single day. This manufacturing flexibility has been made possible by new technologies and the computerization of the production lines..

  • Diferentiattion

    Gemcore company has as a target, to be at the technological forefront, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of products, offering customers the “plus” that sets us apart.

  • Adaptation

    Since Gemcore establishment as LED lighting manufacturer, has distinguished itself by always being able to offer customers the right products to meet any need.

  • Best price

    The price of the products are a result of linking different parameters: quality, reliability, safety and service. Gemcore distinguished itself by optimizing this “mix”.

  • Fast service

    In a globalized world in which we live, fast service is a must. In this sense, Gemcore has chosen; be the first, so the fast service becomes to be part of a way of working in the company.

Gemcore has several offices in Europe, in countries such as Spain, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Portugal, plus office in Dubai to serve the Middle East area.

And this number is expected to expand this year with offices in Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Italy, and Morocco in Africa.

If you would like to be distributor Gemcore not hesitate to contact us.


It holds the certificates, CE, RoHS, EMC, LVD, GMC and ISO-9001, that guarantees quality and reliability of its products, manufactured under its own brand, as well as those manufactured in OEM.

Meets the highest standards of quality as ISO and GMC and spend a good part of their profits in R & D. Also, invest heavily in expanding and modernizing production processes.

LED products


We have different types of LED lighting for every need.

All products manufactured under Gemcore brand have technical data sheet with all the information required to develop any lighting project for both, indoor and outdoor spaces.