Since the merger in October Haijian , SL with GEMCORE TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd. ZHEJIANG , forming society Haijian – GEMCORE , is being carried out in the European market launch of his new project and new products.


The aim of Haijian – GEMCORE is to be a leader in Europe in LED technology , as it is already in China, and plans this year in 2014 , opening markets in the Netherlands, Switzerland , Austria , Belgium and Italy in Europe and Morocco , addition to enhancing others that is already implemented , such as France , Portugal , Romania and Bulgaria. To achieve this goal, its subsidiary in Spain are being incorporated large very knowledgeable industry professionals in the world of lighting.


Haijian – GEMCORE is a comprehensive production company , which develops from the diode to the driver , making the entire manufacturing process has the strictest quality controls , obtaining a proven quality in all its products . Furthermore, Haijian – GEMCORE has a number of its own patents and are exclusive designs that allow you to offer a range of different products and high level of technology in the LED market .

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